5 Good Reasons to Choose banking as a Career

In the lines of James P. Gorman, “Banking is a sexy industry! Creative-it’s dynamic, it’s global, it’s fast-moving, you bring a lot of talented people together! Very true, banking sector attracts the aspirants from almost all backgrounds, for the reasons that are not very difficult to understand. That getting an officer level job in bank is very difficult, can be understood from a single fact that for 1500 seats is exam for probationary level officer in State Bank of India, as many as 17 lakhs aspirants appear.

Given below are 5 good reasons why aspirants choose banking as a career:

  • Highly Respectable: The job of a banker is regarded as highly respectable. You will yourself come to know when you start your career as banker. People will talk to you in highly dignified way, try to understand something from you regarding banking and will go with great smile on their face and cheer on their eyes. Their shower of love and respect will make you feel ecstatic.


  • High Salary: You may have already known that if you start your career as a Probationary Officer in SBI, your annual income will be not less than 4 lakhs. But, what I will like to add you is unlike other Government servants, for whom there is a provision of pay commission being constituted in every 10 years, the salary of the bankers tend to increase reasonably after every 5 years. Plus, they get quarterly Dearness Allowance, whereas other government servants get DA half yearly.


  • Growth Prospects: The career growth prospect is one of the most important reasons why banking jobs are most sought-after jobs. In the beginning, you may get posted in rural areas if you are a probationary officer or a clerk, but by the beginning of fourth year, you may expect your second promotion. If you are learned, inquisitive and ambitious for your career, you may get elevated to the rank of General Manager(GM) till the time you complete 15 years of your job.


  • Holidays: Every challenging job requires holidays, for without these the mind will become dull, ineffective. Banking jobs, being both challenging and rewarding, have arguably more number of holidays than in other Government jobs. You can even plan long trip up to 2,000 km(it may vary) with your family and that too at the expense of the Government. The vacation period will help you maintain a work-life balance and your intellectual fertility.


  • Lucrative Loan Facilities: Bank gives credit to its customers, so how it will ignore its own employees, who are indeed its assets. Lucrative loan facility is also one of the most significant reasons why baking job is regarded as one of the most sought-after jobs these days. You may come home with a brand new car of you and your family members’ choice and the burden of repay the loan in the restricted time period will not be there. You may pay back by the time you retire, means you get lifetime. Is not it lucrative?

Source By: Kalp Faculty of Education




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