Why there is craze for Government Jobs?

It is rightly said, “If God loves you, He will bless you with a Government job.” This single statement proves to be a big testament of the importance of Government jobs, how rarely it is available to the people, the attributes associated with it and why students of today hanker after it or you can say why there is craze for the Government jobs.

Well, there are a number of things associated with the Government jobs that make these jobs get an edge over the private jobs. Some of these are discussed below:

  • Fixed Working Hours: One of the greatest achievements working in Government jobs is that by and large there is fixed working hours. Those who are in private jobs will be able to understand more. In private jobs, it is said that the arrival time is the only thing that is fixed in office. There is no time when you can say that your working time is over now. No matter, whether you have already worked for 8 hours, 10 hours or for that matter for 12 hours. Disgustingly long hour of working hours disrupts the work-life balance.


  • Timely Payments: There is a long sordid saga of privacy concerns when it comes to payment of wages. Though there is a norm of paying the salary by 7 of every month, but very few companies pay by the said date. They will keep the outstanding salary of the employee so that no one could dare to give an interview, search for other jobs and get rid of their clutches. Whenever any employee leaves a job, the employer treats him/her as if the employee has betrayed the company, rather has turned out to be the enemy of the company. As long as the company betrays its employees, it is a norm, but when the employees leave the job, the company gets betrayed. Of course, timely payment is a big concern in most of the private concerns today and the reason why there is craze for Government jobs.


  • No Pay Commissions: Unlike the employees of the Government, there is no any Pay Commission for the employees of the private companies. You may end up working in the same salary for years, with the solace that at least you are not asked to leave the organization. In private concern, there is nothing like same pay for the same job. If you are close to your employer, you inform him about the things going on in the organization, knows the art of flattery, you may become the highest payee in that organization. You may also fall into pray to politics of the organization. Simply put, your pay is not for what you work, it is for what other things you do along with your job.


  • Prospects of Career Growth: There is a pre-defined and well-defined path of career progression in government jobs. There are departmental exams, time-bound promotion and so many well-laid mechanisms that pave the way for exponential career growth and rewards. But, in private job, there is nothing like that. If you keep on switching jobs, you may get good increment in salary. But, it may happen that after ten years of progressive salary hike, nowhere you could get the salary as you expect. You may feel that you have become redundant. Your career may come to a standstill. Prospect of career growth is one of the most important reasons why there is craze for Government jobs.


It is important to note here that the above-mentioned reasons include but not limited to the reasons why there is craze for Government jobs.


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